An Artist in residence

Sunshine Glimmer

It was a privilege to have artist Carole Baker come to stay for a few days. Carole is a Lichfield artist I met on a watercolour course way back – by the way she is a fantastic teacher who can get just about anybody to loosen up their style & quickly producing paintings! She loves Scotland & takes inspiration from scenery on working trips. Some of our guests may have noticed  her art on the walls here.

Having worked her way up through the borders, Glasgow & Argyll  (stopping to visit John Lowrie Morrison known as Jolomo at his studio) the next point of her material gathering was the Torridon area. From us Carole continued her Highland painting odessy on the Isle of Skye.

We were able to point her in the direction of our favourite spots – some of which are slightly off the beaten track. I think the area worked its spell on her. The 100 odd sketches she took from around the area, which she kindly shared with us at the end of each day –  just captured the essence perfectly. These sketches will be worked into pieces over the coming months. Carole works in a variety of media & we cannot wait to see what she produces.

To view Carole’s work check out her website- she is posting a new sketch from her Scotland workbook 2010 on her website each day

~ by Aurora Bed and Breakfast on May 14, 2010.

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